3/11/22 Friday 100th Action Against The Nukes
On The 11th Anniversary of Fukushima
No NUKES, No WAR, US Military Out Of Japan & Okinawa
Rally At San Francisco Japanese Consulate

Friday March 11, 2022 3:00 PM 
San Francisco Japanese Consulate 
275 Battery St/California St. 
San Francisco 
Sponsored by No Nukes Action 

Join the Rally and Speak Out/Music/Poetry/Voices

On the 11th anniversary of the Fukusihma nuclear explosions, the government has still not removed the
melted nuclear rods at the broken plants. There has been no decontamination and TEPCO which has
been taken over by the government is planninng to release more than 1 million tons of radiocative water
In tanks surrounding the reactors.
The government continues to pressurize the refugees who left the area to return despite the fact that it
still remains contaminated and dangerous. There are still tens of  thousands of bags of radioactive waste that continue
to remain throughout the prefecture with no place to go.
On this 11tth anniversary the Japanese government along with the US government are spending billions
for preparation of war and a clear violation of Article 9 of the Constitution which forbids offensive wars and
yet this is what the governnment is now violating.
The US with the support of the Japanese government is continuing to build bases in Okinawa and terrorizing
the poplulation with jet and helicopter noise pollution, spread of covid by US military personel and rapes and 
attacks on Okinawan people.
WE demand that there be no restarting of nuclear plants in Japan, full compensation for the refugees and for
government officials to be held accounntable for this dangerous condition still facing the Japanese people and
the world.

Speak-out In Stop The Restarting Of The Nuke Plants 
Defend The Refugees of Fukushima
Don’t Dump The Radioactive Water In The Pacific Ocean
No NUKES, No WAR, US Military Out Of Japan & Okinawa
Friday March 11, 2022 3PM 
San Francisco Japanese Consulate 
275 Battery St/California St. 
San Francisco 
No Nukes Action 

Evening On Line Event 3/11/22
Mothers For Peace

March 11, 2022, marks the 11th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster.
Join our webinar on March 11, 6-7pm PST

Fukushima: 11 years after the triple meltdown

Our featured speaker is Japanese journalist Hiroko Aihara who will be speaking
on the current state of the Fukushima evacuees, the government’s plan to
release irradiated water into the ocean, and what actions we can take.

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